How to move steam games to SSD

How to move steam games to SSD

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The SSDs have steadily enhanced in capacity and thus to have a greater size of game installs. Today, commonly triple-A titles cover the upwards of greater than 20GB along with various exceeding 60GB as well as many other approaches. This is significant particularly after the accounting of contents that are downloadable. This often greater releases which is useful for the improvement of load times for a speedy drive. If this is on the smaller of Solid State Drive, it is filled quicker than you would expect. For example, a 250GB system would be stuffed with V-sized titles of 4 GTA. Luckily, steam has made feasible to transfer games from one location to another within a system. It will not need the installation of third-party tools or opening of windows prompt command.

You can select in which place you require to install games after downloading them as steam provides a variety of library folders as well. A user can easily move the game just after downloading instead of redownloading the whole things. If you want to get a superfast new SSD for the purpose of moving games, this procedure saves the user from downloading issue 10 or even 100 GBs of games data from all over again. This is very different process from moving the whole steam library folder that shifts each single game inside. Sometimes, a user wants to move the many steam games to Solid State Drive for particular reasons. But he have no concept about its procedure. In case of any issue, no need to worry about! As you will find some methods for moving steam games to SSD on this page.

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Restore your game

Back up your games is not much mandatory, however a nonetheless valuable precaution. A most feasible method is the simple copying of steam apps folder or steam regarding to a restore directory with the help of windows explorer. But, a steam client also offers a recovery method as well as an integrated backup which will help you to choose installed titles as well. This also guides about the storage of backup files. It divides the whole game data into the CSD/CSM which are properly sized for adjustment of DVDs or CDs. However, you may develop a great save.

Now open the ‘steam library folder’ and right click on ‘game’. Click on the ‘backup game’ data files. Then chose the installed steam games to restore and thus, adapts the prompts.

To backup these game files, that just behave like installed steam games, then head to the steam games. Right click on the backup and thus restore the games. You can also backup the previous restore, observe the restore files, and carry on with prompts as well.

How to move the Steam games to an SSD through copying the Steam game folder

STEP 1: Open the ‘steam’ and click on setting, then ‘downloads’. Press the ‘steam library folders’. Add the new location where you want to download the steam games, on the top.

STEP 2: Now copy the folder of game to steam games on the Solid State Drive.

STEP 3: Within the steam, open the game you want to move, right click on it, and then delete or remove the whole local content.

STEP 4: Again, open the game and download or install it, as you are prompted to select the directory of install, choose the Solid State Drive in which you copied the game before.

STEP 5: Finally, at this point, the steam game will do analyze or verify the data files. Check their destination and would not allow to download anything.

How to move the steam games to SSD through steam game mover

If you have some difficulty in the first method, you may choose the second one! This will be done with the help of steam game mover i.e. a third party tool. The process provides a solution for the moving steam games from Hard Drive to Solid State Drive in your computer. Now you can try the PC transfer software of EaseUS that has a user friendly or professional utility properties. This all can help you to move the steam games to SSD beyond the process of reinstalling in a feasible way.

STEP 1: To initiate, run the EaseUS Todo PCTrans

On your PC windows of 7/8/10, run the EaseUS software of Todo PCTrans. Move to the ‘app migration’ i.e. transfer mode, and press ‘start’.  

STEP 2: Select the games you desire to move

At the left side of bar, you require to select drive in which the games have been installed. Now, search the games you desire to move, and click the box. As you are shifting the chosen steam games to the Solid State Drive, press the ’browse’ to find the target location in SSD. At the end, press ‘transfer’.

STEP 3: Start the moving process

The software EaseUS of Todo PCTrans will initiate quickly to move the selected games from hard drive to Solid State Drive (SSD). Just wait for the completion of process.

How to fix the steam errors if happen

After migration of steam games into SSD, some issues may happen and you can fix them by following below rules:

  1. From the steam installation folder, migrate the steam apps folder at your PC.
  2. Now, uninstall the steam. This is done for the removal of old steam installation process regarding to window registry.
  3. Copy the steam apps folder within the directory of steam installation after reinstallation of steam.
  4. Now make sure you have migrated the folder of steam apps within the newly developed folder of steam installation. Copy the whole contents of downloaded games, the settings, and save the steam games within the new desired location.

In case of corrupt game, you may have seek the steam automatically as well as swap the destructive data files through verification of local data integrity.

In your PC go to ‘steam library’ and ‘click on the broken game’, then go to ‘property’ and ‘local files’. Finally, the integrity of steam games is verified. Now, you can enjoy again with your steam game.

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