Effortless SSD Installation: 5 Simple Steps for Your PC” (2023)

Effortless SSD Installation takes to load on a PC, some people are continually moaning about it as they are still using the old version of the hard disk drive. In this case, what’s a worry for you? Man, this is the modern era of the 21st century! Basically, there has been a wide use of SSDs around us for a little time now. This enhances the impressive performance that attains over its sluggish HHD, old brother.

This has been observed that technology quickly leaped forward over the previous years. As a result, these advancements have massively benefitted the computer hardware along with the hard drive which is near the top list while enhancing the referencing activities. It has been said that SSD is the first one that was brought to fruition as well as this hit the shelves at a cost point. This whole would be scarier even for the majority of computer enthusiasts.

Moreover, the market value has come down exponentially for SSD and a user can take a decent one just for 20$. Obviously, this is too low cost! At present, in just 20$, you would not buy the whole dancing or singing SSDs that are present in the premium builds i.e. 1000$, 1500$, 2000$. However, this will buy a storage solution for you that enhance the Computer load time along with super easy installation method!

Sooner, the HDD part will be replaced by the quicker part SSD in your PC. The HDD is known as a thing of the past and every user will be used the fast SDD. Now, people are living in a transitional period of time, and consider this would be a good concept to guide users directly about the SSD installation process.

 Here, we have an explanation of what is an SDD, its installation method, the method of shifting contents from an old HDD to a modern SSD, and the performance attains can expect from HDD. There are various things to cover and let’s get to the point.

What is an SSD?

This is exactly a good question about SSD. This is well for those users that have been living under the rock of the previous decade or are very new to PC building as well. The computer SSD is a kind of solution for storage requirements. Just like the HDD in a computer, the SSD will serve as a host for your PC with respect to the operating system, files, programs, and pieces of informative data. The SSD has no longer developed the usage of hard disk in comparison to HDD within your PC.

 The drives of solid-state use the memory of nonvolatile instead as this is quicker, more efficient, and long-lasting. The great performance of the SSD was never in a query. Basically, the good performance activities of SSD have been getting quicker since its release about 35 years. This is because of its high cost over the HDD and thus, it is difficult to recommend the SSD while the HDD in PC did the work perfectly well.

What performance boost can expect over HDD?

An SSD is a true and valuable option when your computer feels sluggish. The cost of SSD has dramatically dropped, as discussed before a user can take a decent piece of SSD for just 20$. For this minute price of 20$, a user has pretty much surety for the write or read speed that increases 5 times as compared to the HDD one. This shows a great improvement in the loading times for your PC on all types of major fronts.

Recently, M.2 SSD has arrived in the market. This kind of SSD can connect the motherboard in a direct way as well as this does not use the SATA cables as in low-cost SSD. These cheaper SSDs in turn increase the speeds of reading or write even much greater as compared to others. These SSDs of M.2 are high-cost, however, with respect to performance activities, M.2 SSDs are the best storage solution in the present market.

Instructions for the Safe Installation of SSD in your PC

  • For the safety of the new SSD, never touch the connectors on the top of the drive.
  • Avoid opening the new SSD as this will void the whole warranty.

The SSD Installation method for your PC

  1. First of all, make sure you are working in a safe and static environment. Then, remove any kind of paper and plastic bags from the workplace.
  2. Collect all supplies
  3. The screwdrivers
  4. 2.5 inches SSD Crucial
  5. The manual of the computer’s owner specifies the particular type of screwdriver you required.

how to install ssd

Powered off your PC system

When the computer system has been shut down, then unplug the power cable of the system.

  1. To discharge the residual type of electricity from the system, hold down the buttons of power for five seconds long.
  2. Then, open the case of your PC

Now, you should refer to the manual of the computer’s owner for the next procedure.

You must ground yourself with the help of touching an unpainted surface of metal.

It is a kind of extra safeguard that saves your drive system along with its compartments from static destruction while installing an SSD.

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Find the Storage bay

Now, you refer to the manual of your owner’s system for the accurate location as well as note down the bay’s size.

Some kinds of bay storage long with present hard drives are sufficiently larger as compared to the standard volume of SSD. You would require 2.5-3.5 inches investors to develop SSD fix snugly, in the case of your PC. Then, remove the old version drive along with the disconnection of the system’s brackets or cables.

SSD plugs into the PC

Never force on the connection as this can be fitted feasibly and snugly.

For the installation of SSD as a secondary drive, make sure they use SATA cables. Its one end is attached to a SATA connector at the motherboard of your PC. Then, attach the other end to the SSD Crucial. You can use the cable of SATA power that is available and coming from the power supply of the computer. This connects to the new SSD Crucial. For the purpose of each type of installation, consider the manual of the owner’s system to replace the existing drive from the PC along with the handling of power cables.

  1. Now, reassemble your whole PC System
  2. Switch on your Desktop System

Finally, SSD is installed in your PC!

Now, you must have some fun with your PC system to check its work performance. You can observe that your computer boosts up the speeds of reading or writing along with the quick load time of Apps. In this way, you have surety about quick downloading with the help of SSD on your PC.

Shifting of valuable contents from HDD to SSD

By now, a new SSD has been successfully installed on your PC. This is a pretty feasible method for SSD installation as a user should not have faced any kind of problem. In case of any difficulty, feel free to write a message in the comment section given below and we will respond ASAP.

The next stage is the transfer of files and the operating system into the new running hard drive. At this time, if you have the desire to save some media files on HDD, do it easily. Thus, you still have access to these files from your window. Therefore, to reap the results of quick load times and solid state drive, a user is going for the window installation process on SSD regarding programs or games.

See our comprehensive guidebook for the window transfer:

If you feel that’s slightly tough, then you can use our shorthand version guide. First of all, you will require:

  • New SSD version
  • Cloning of Software

Before initiating the cloning method, we have recommended defragmenting regarding your first drive. It guides the procedure long. Now, follow these feasible steps:

  1. Click on the Start and then, type defrag
  2. Click on the defragment and then, optimize the drives
  3. Allow to run the tool and then, tidy up the whole disc

All this, tidy up the disk and make it ready for cloning.

The next step is the easy load cloning tool up and thus, initiate the procedure. This simple self-explanatory, choose the system clone as well.

Now, you will have to choose the recent drive behaving as the source, and the new SSD as the destination. When this is confirmed, select the performance action, and allow the system to clone all drive on the SSD.


Q: How do I install an SSD on a desktop PC?

Installing an SSD on a desktop PC is relatively easy. First, make sure the drive you are using is compatible with your system’s SATA ports. Then, open up the computer case and locate an available storage bay for your new drive. Next, mount the drive and connect it to your motherboard using a SATA cable. Finally, use a screwdriver to secure the new drive into place and close up the computer case.

Q: What do I need to know when upgrading my computer’s storage to an SSD?

 When upgrading your computer’s storage to an SSD, you will want to make sure the drive is compatible with your system and that you have enough data cables or adapters. Additionally, it is important to back up all of your important files before making any changes in order for a successful upgrade.


Now, you have a comprehensive guidebook for SSD installation in your computer system. Easy now? Definitely, we hoped so for your satisfaction. This whole procedure would be feasible for you and your fellows to boost the speeds of read or write and load time on your PC.

In case of any difficulty and remarks for our SSD installation method, we are super excited to listen to them. Feel free to give a comment in the under section.

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