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7 Best 1TB SSD (2023 Review) Detailed Buying Guide

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1TB SSD (solid-state drive) is the best solution for storage requirements. Just like the HDD in the computer, the SSD will serve as a host for your PC with respect to the operating systems, files, programs, and pieces of informative data. The SSD has no longer developed the usage of hard disk in comparison to HDD within your PC.

The drives of solid-state use the memory of nonvolatile instead as this is quicker, more efficient, and long-lasting. The great performance of the SSD was never in a query. Basically, the good performance activities of SSD have been getting quicker since its release about 35 years. This is because of its high cost over the HDD and thus, it is difficult to recommend the SSD while the HDD in PC did the work perfectly well.

A basic thing for SSD is NVMe which explains the technology of Non-Volatile Memory Express, a mouthful type drive. However, primarily a standard communication that helps Solid State drives join Express PCI. This functions more such as fast memory as compared to storage capacity. When you are interested in buying SSD from this group, you will get something better that gives sequential write and read speeds of at least 2000 MB/s.

SSD M.2 is not the only kind of drive that taps into this quick connection of NVMe PCI. For instance, SSD like 905P Intel Optane directly connects within the slot of the keyboard. Moreover, you may also get 2.5-inch SSDs that use the connection of U.2. It functions as fast as excellent drives of NVMe, although these drives are becoming rare.

note: If you haven’t installed SSD before you can read our SSD Installation Guide Here For free

7 best Fastest SSDs in Performance

#1: Crucial MX500 (Amazon’s Choice)

best 1tb ssd

Crucial MX500 1TB SSD (Best 1TB SSD in 2023) initiates your PC in just a few seconds, accelerate the most demanding apps, and load documents file instantly! This SSD helps to store the maximum amount of data up to 2TB on your PC. This is an upgraded SSD that counts on joining a greater number of people with respect to their music, travel photos, and important documents. Crucial MX500 is developed on security and quality speed which as a whole is backed by effective services.


  • Excellent sequential write and read speeds are 510 MBs per second and 560 MBs per second.
  • SSD is accelerated with the help of micron technology 3D NAND.
  • If power suddenly gets off, all saved works can be preserved through integrated power loss immunity.
  • SSD has dimensions 2.76 x 0.28 x 4.06 inches with model number CT500MX500SSD1.
  • Crucial MX500 provides an excellent solid combination of quality and reliability.
  • Sequential random write and read speeds are greater than 90k and 95k on the whole file data types.
  • MX500 has the characteristics of an adaptable pool with super fast speed and flash memory.
  • Data can be secured from thieves and hackers by AES 256-bit hardware depending on encryption.
  • Excellent performance, long-lasting, and having up to 5 years warranty.
  • Crucial MX500 produces blistering speeds at a high-cost performance range in quieter PC.


  • Excellent SATA (lll) SSD.
  • An easy method of installation.
  • Best performance with feasible cloning.
  • Affordable price with a good quality product.


  • A little bit different in speed.
  • Not proper customer service.
  • The warranty should be more than 5 years.

#2: Samsung 860 QVO (Best 1TB SSD in 2023)

best 1tb ssd

Samsung 860 QVO 1TB SSD (Best Budget 1TB SSD in 2023) offers outstanding 4x faster speeds as compared to old traditional HDD. This allows you to save videos of 4k hours, tons of games, and thousands of images having a storage capacity of terabyte level. The migration speed of files also bootups to 10x faster than that of the conventional hard drive. 1TB Samsung 860 QVO is a normal tool that analyzes the performance, health, and speed of Solid State drive.


  • Developed with V-NAND Samsung technology.
  • Provides huge storage capacity along with solid performance.
  • Blazing fast sequential speeds for write/read are 90/100 MB/s, speeds for uhs class U3 with the speed of class 10.
  • Boot up long-term performance and speeds with a larger buffer variable
  • Exceptional reliability with 3 years warranty.
  • Save data through security options having encryption based on hardware AES 256-bit complaint with to IEEE 1667 and TCG Opal.
  • Interface SATA 6GB/s compatible with respect to SATA 1.5GB/s and SATA 3GB/s interfaces.
  •  Terabyte-level storage capacity without compromising speeds.
  • The product has good dimensions 0.27 x 2.76 x 3.94 inches with 0.19 ibs weight.
  • 2.5 SATA lll form factor with operating temperature 0-700C.


  • Excellent for Pro PS4/PS4.
  • Blazing fast transfer speed.
  • Provide cloning software.
  • Easy installation.


  • Installation needs attention.
  • Benchmark issues.

#3: Samsung 970 EVO (Best Gaming 1TB SSD in 2023)


  • Modern technology is empowered by Samsung V-NAND which offers increased bandwidth through the 970 EVO interface NVMe.
  • The product has good dimensions of 0.9 x 0.87 x 3.15 inches.
  • The product has the model number MZ-V7E1T0BW.
  • This SSD also provides less latency, enhanced end gamers, power efficiency, and content design of 4k and 3D contents.
  • The profile is sleek and ultra-slim which measures a thickness of fewer than 5 inches.
  • Superfast sequential write and read speeds are 2500 MBs per second and 3500 MBs per second greater than that of 970 EVO.
  • SSD is an ideal solution for management regarding performance optimization along with automatic firmware and data security updates.
  • The cloning is seamless and file migration occurs through magician software.
  • Dynamic thermal guards of Samsung eventually maintain and analyze optimal temperature to lessen the performance.
  • SSD 9770 EVO has a warranty of up to 5 years along with 600 terabytes written (TBW).
  • The additional circular stand will develop an innovative look to the space of your PC.
best 1tb ssd


  • The product has an excellent benchmark.
  • Extremely fast with the easiest installation.
  • This is faster than 97 Pro at an affordable price.
  • Very useful software and clones OS drive in just 20 minutes.


  • Functions with minimal issues.
  • The warranty should be greater than 5 years.

#4: WD Green (Best SATA 1TB SSD in 2023)

WD Green 1TB SSD provides greater reliability and performance for use in desktop computers to enhance computing activities. This is compatible with the majority of PCs regarding lab testing WD F.I.T.  WD Green SSD is worry-free to analyze and upgrade the digital storage capacity. During everyday computing operations, SSD WD Green serves to boot up the whole OS. The caching technology of SLC boosts up the Solid State Drive performance. Thus, you can play games, initiate the system in flash, and browse the website.


  • Quickly performs daily tasks with SLC caching.
  • Certified with WD F.I.T Lab for reliability and compatibility.
  • Shock resistant with up to 3 years warranty.
  • Having ultra-low power draw properties can use the PC for maximum time.
  • Worry-free upgrading storage capacity.
  • WD SSD Dashboard is free to download to monitor the drive’s status.
  • The product has excellent dimensions 0.28 x 3.96 x 2.75 inches.
  • A good hardware platform Mac and PC with 165 ounces weight.
  • Keep data safe even if it is bumped or dropped suddenly.
  • S.M.A.R.T features a good temperature range and effectively drives health.
best 1tb ssd


  • Huge upgrade performance.
  • Blazing fast transfer speed.
  • Minimum boot time.
  • Affordable price.


  • Speed needs further improvement.
  • Prices are different.
  • The cost should be low.

#5: TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan (Best SATA 1TB SSD in 2023)

Team Group T-Force Vulcan 1TB SSD is an excellent choice for laptops or PC. The majority of Vulcan users are not willing to buy NVMe drives because of hardware limitations and already filled slots of NVMe with other SSDs. This amazing fast and flashy drive of T-force is a killer option for SATA users that offer offers a windowed gaming rig. Team Group T-Force Vulcan SSD has an effective entry-level along with high-class performance.


  • Storage capacity has been expanded greater than ever through 3D NAND technology.
  • More games and data can be stored with ECC.
  • Ultra-fast speeds for writing/reading are 510/560 MB/s.
  • Excellent time booting and data-adding qualities.
  • Reactions to gaming requirements bring all incredible values of write/read speeds.
  • The form factor is a 2.5-inch SSD having a 7mm height.
  • Technologies used are TRIM and S.M.A.R.T support.
  • The extremely low weight of 2.39 ounces.
  • The product has dimensions of 2.75 x 0.28 x 3.94 inches.
  • Having up to 3 years warranty along with free service of technical support.
best 1tb ssd


  • Superfast access.
  • Great for pandemic building.
  • Awesome performance.
  • Favorite budget SSD.


  • Different product dimensions.
  • Quality needs improvement.
  • Some time frame issues.

Samsung 970 EVO 1TB SSD is the ultimate solution for upgrading and the best performance of your PC. This Samsung 970 EVO SSD 1TB is powered by the modern technology of V-NAND along with firmware optimization as well. It is faster than that simple 970 EVO and increases the potential of bandwidth NVMe regarding an unbeatable computing system. This 1TB SSD has reliability greater than 600 TBW and a storage capacity of 1TB along with saving space for another type of components.

#6: ADATA USA Ultimate Su800 (Best Budegt 1TB SSD in 2023)

Renew your desktop computers by just replacing the old version Solid State or traditional HDD with SU800 ADATA ultimate 1TB SSD Drive! SSD has been designed by using modern 3D NAND flash chips for maximum performance. Your laptop will boot up in just seconds instead of minutes by using ADATA USA Ultimate SU800 SSD. Various technologies have been used such as data shaping support, Raid engine, and LDPC error correction to enhance the performance of ADATA USA Ultimate SSD.


  • Latest drive from 3D NAND technology.
  • Superfast sequential speeds for writing/reading are 520/560 MB/s.
  • Data shaping and RAID engine for extreme-level data protection.
  • Buffer DRAM cache and dynamic SLC cache for the optimization of performance.
  • Pretty durable with up to 3 years warranty as well.
  • Enhanced battery life through lower power consumption.
  • Good lightweight drive having only 0.81 ounces weight.
  • Offer free migration utility and ADATA toolbox software for feasible data transfer.
  • Error code correction LDPC lessens the possible errors while data writing.
  • Product has good dimensions 2.75 x 3.95 x 0.28 inches.
best 1tb ssd


  • 5 times faster speed than HDD.
  • Ultra-fast performance.
  • Easy installation.
  • Excellent for gaming.


  • Nonexistent support.
  • Become hot while running.
  • Require external boot media

7: Seagate STJD1000400 Expansion (Best Budegt 1TB SSD in 2023)

To directly store the streaming videos to your laptop, back up content, and scroll photos, Expansion Solid State Drive is the best available option. Seagate STJD Expansion 1TB SSD Drive has sleek or minimalist design features along with drag and drops functionality for file transfer. The USB interface is feasible for storage capacity in Mac and Windows laptops. Buy Seagate SSD to enjoy long-term peace of mind!


  • Minimalist design for bustling commutes and busy routines.
  • Expands drive mini USB 3.0.
  • Superfast drive with portable characteristics.
  • Excellent for saving streaming videos on PC along with backup features.
  • Scrolling seamlessly by images along with trusted qualities.
  • USB cable functions with Mac and Windows desktops.
  • Need to reformat it for use in the time machine as well.
  • The product has excellent dimensions 1.5 x 6 x 4.25 inches.
  • 1TB storage capacity with black color.
  • Item has model number STJD1000400 with Seagate Expansion series.
best 1tb ssd


  • Best for Storage Expansion PS4.
  • Tiny size fits all.
  • Plenty of room for daily backups.
  • Blazing fast performance at an affordable cost.
  • All games work perfectly.


  • Need backup.
  • A bit nosey while running.
  • Care is needed for data format.

More Info:

NAND type SSDs

The majority of Solid State Drives have been developed by NAND flash memory. However, these SSDs do not use a similar type of technology. Indeed, there are 4 kinds of NAND flash memories available in the market such as MLC, QLC, TLC, and SLC. The greater difference among them is the process of storage for underlying cells either 1’s or 0’s develop your OS data. Just have a look at these NAND types of flash memory:

  1. PLC:

Plenta Level Cell writes 5-bits for each cell that is still at the horizon. However, this shall be useful to observe how less will make the costs of drives go.

  • TLC:

Triple Layer Cell writes 3-bits to each cell along with its detriments. This is helpful to initiate the budget spectrum.

  • MLC:

This Multi-Layer Cell writes one extra bit each cell regarding to number 2. MLC has a lower bit than that of SLC as 2 bits store to each cell that in turn develops NAND type less reliable and slower. Its limitations are not less effective as you observe various flagship drives using NAND type memory as well.

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